Cinquain Poems

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Poem TitlePoetFormCategoriesDate Posted
Love in the middle Wilae, SonaCinquainadventure, appreciation, best friend, blessing, marriage, relationship, rose, 11/20/2017
Sorceress Talbot, MickCinquainhalloween, 11/19/2017
A TANGIBLE LOVE Rogers BLK PANTHER, VAL BROOKLYNCinquainbeauty, desire, heart, heartbreak, senses, 11/19/2017
MY KIND OF POESIE Strand, BrianCinquainbio, poetry, 11/19/2017
FALL Talbot, MickCinquainautumn, 11/14/2017
Just Laugh Anomaly, AnCinquainabsence, dad, daughter, divorce, loneliness, love hurts, parents, 11/12/2017
Horizon Ochwo-Oburu, SolomonCinquainlife, mystery, 11/07/2017
When folly is wisdom Ochwo-Oburu, SolomonCinquainsatire, wisdom, 11/07/2017
WORRIED - HAPPY Talbot, MickCinquainhappy, 11/05/2017
Graphic Art De Beaulieu, DarleneCinquainart, 11/01/2017
Greatest liar Ochwo-Oburu, SolomonCinquainpolitical, satire, 10/29/2017
WISHES Talbot, MickCinquainpoetry, 10/28/2017
Choir of birds Ochwo-Oburu, SolomonCinquainjealousy, satire, 10/27/2017
Withered roots Ochwo-Oburu, SolomonCinquainpower, satire, 10/24/2017
Every way has an end Ochwo-Oburu, SolomonCinquainpower, satire, 10/24/2017
MISTY Talbot, MickCinquainpoetry, 10/21/2017
INSANE PLEASURE OF A LOVE Rogers BLK PANTHER, VAL BROOKLYNCinquainfor her, joy, love, lust, 10/20/2017
Puppets in their joy Ochwo-Oburu, SolomonCinquainafrica, trust, 10/19/2017
I can still smell him at work Ochwo-Oburu, SolomonCinquainteacher, work, 10/19/2017
Cinquains' Can Show Talbot, MickCinquaincare, hope, 10/17/2017
Lifetime Friends Kendrick, SaraCinquainfriendship, 10/13/2017
Fog Kendrick, SaraCinquainbutterfly, weather, 10/10/2017
SPRING THE SPARKLING Rogers BLK PANTHER, VAL BROOKLYNCinquainearth, environment, football, green, nature, rain, weather, 09/27/2017
Autumn Johnson, SusanCinquainautumn, beautiful, beauty, color, creation, image, october, 09/24/2017
BEREAVEMENT Strand, BrianCinquainbereavement, 09/21/2017
LOVE Michael, EwuolaCinquainchange, cute love, happy, heart, 09/16/2017
HOLLER Rogers BLK PANTHER, VAL BROOKLYNCinquainanger, angst, boy, brother, cousin, father, fear, 09/11/2017
I believe in what they say Ochwo-Oburu, SolomonCinquainmetaphor, philosophy, satire, 09/10/2017
Something had its three tails raised Ochwo-Oburu, SolomonCinquainmetaphor, trust, truth, 09/10/2017
Flowers De Beaulieu, DarleneCinquainflower, garden, 09/05/2017
a VIGNETTE the form Strand, BrianCinquainfilm, people, 08/30/2017
PICTURE THE SUN Rogers BLK PANTHER, VAL BROOKLYNCinquaindark, day, senses, sky, sunset, sunshine, 08/29/2017
Cunning farmer Ochwo-Oburu, SolomonCinquainsatire, wisdom, 08/26/2017
Yearning Coolidge, CameronCinquainblue, death, fire, snow, winter, 08/21/2017
FALL around the corner Strand, BrianCinquainautumn, seasons, 08/21/2017
Baby Peralta, StephaniCinquainbaby, 08/21/2017
A SHORT TESTIMONY Strand, BrianCinquainbio, christian, poetry, 08/19/2017
Sojourn's Close Barden, Gregory RCinquainadventure, environment, nature, science fiction, travel, 08/18/2017
AN IMAGE ON A LAKE Strand, BrianCinquainimagery, 08/18/2017
Scabs Chan, BernardCinquainbody, emotions, hurt, memory, moving on, pain, remember, 08/17/2017
Terror Tsitsikroni, Klio Cinquainanti bullying, conflict, discrimination, violence, 08/17/2017
quiet please CRESSWELL, PATRICIACinquainenvironment, 08/14/2017
Insomnia Donovan, CorwinCinquainaugust, dream, good night, moon, poems, poetry, sleep, 08/10/2017
Emotions in Motion Gonzales, ElaineCinquainemotions, life, motivation, 08/07/2017
Comfortable Suffering Ochwo-Oburu, SolomonCinquaininspirational, life, metaphor, 08/06/2017
Seasons Change Chan, BernardCinquainautumn, color, flower, kiss, lust, nature, seasons, 08/04/2017
Music Berggren, AlfredCinquainmusic, 08/01/2017
Blinded by Grey Ribeiro, GersonCinquaindepression, weather, 07/27/2017
Supreme Bliss Mhangwa, KudzaiCinquainhappiness, paradise, 07/27/2017
Livid That My Id Pallid Anderson, JohnCinquainpsychological, 07/25/2017
Tell-Tail Plume of Doom Anderson, JohnCinquainwar, world war ii, 07/25/2017
The High Road, Less Traveled Anderson, JohnCinquainendurance, hope, 07/24/2017
Can't Admire What Not Understood Anderson, JohnCinquainpoetry, poets, self, 07/24/2017
You Can't Stop Progress Anderson, JohnCinquaineducation, environment, 07/24/2017
Gigil - So Cute, I Quiver Anderson, JohnCinquaincute love, 07/23/2017
Implosion - Bursting Inward Anderson, JohnCinquainsenses, 07/23/2017
Compliant Compromise Anderson, JohnCinquainnostalgia, 07/23/2017
Keep Me Craving Ashley, SusanCinquainlove, 07/20/2017
41 Syllables Are Not Enough Jarrette, L.C.Cinquainbest friend, daughter, for her, love, mom, mother, teacher, 07/19/2017
Immortal Flame Ashley, SusanCinquaindesire, feelings, longing, lust, 07/15/2017
Music Berggren, AlfredCinquainmusic, 07/13/2017
Always Study, JamesCinquainabsence, best friend, life, love, memory, missing, 07/12/2017
Portions in Proportion Anderson, JohnCinquainfood, self, 07/04/2017
July's Fire Lorette, AlyssaCinquaincelebration, firework, holiday, july, night, poems, simple, 07/04/2017
Thought Without Language Anderson, JohnCinquainimage, imagery, imagination, 07/03/2017
Blood Read Anderson, JohnCinquainheart, ocean, sea, 07/03/2017
Platitudes Anderson, JohnCinquainpride, psychological, relationship, 07/03/2017
What Gives Anderson, JohnCinquainangst, cheer up, uplifting, 07/03/2017
Leaning in Anderson, JohnCinquainconfidence, dedication, 07/03/2017
Defenestrate Begone Anderson, JohnCinquainendurance, farewell, 07/03/2017
Portholes Plugged Snug Anderson, JohnCinquaintravel, 07/02/2017
Glass is Tough Stuff Anderson, JohnCinquainscience, 07/02/2017
Turquoise Berggren, AlfredCinquaincolor, 07/01/2017
Shake Up Babcock, PhyllisCinquainhealth, sick, 06/25/2017
Kindness Berggren, AlfredCinquainreligion, 06/24/2017
Truck Wreck Gagliardi, AnnetteCinquainangel, body, death, farewell, goodbye, grief, heaven, 06/23/2017
Faithful Berggren, AlfredCinquainlove, 06/21/2017
Bushes De Beaulieu, DarleneCinquaingreen, growth, 06/17/2017
Roses De Beaulieu, DarleneCinquaincolor, flower, rose, 06/17/2017
Snow Wade, VivienCinquainsnow, 06/13/2017
The Long Goodbye Wood, DeanCinquaindad, 06/12/2017
Pretty Stubbs, ElizabethCinquainbeautiful, 06/09/2017
Cats In The Cradle-With Writer's Note pachecho, connieCinquainromance, sensual, word play, 06/09/2017
Ski Trip pachecho, connieCinquainsnow, winter, 06/08/2017
Can you see the Sound Soper, JosephCinquainconfusion, nonsense, perspective, 06/04/2017
QUINTILE the form Strand, BrianCinquainlove, poetry, 06/02/2017
Winter Schiavina, FrancesCinquainwinter, 06/01/2017
STORMY SEAS ALLISON, JANCinquainnature, ocean, storm, 05/31/2017
Drips and Drops, Wet Anderson, JohnCinquainrain, water, 05/30/2017
Jesus Canerdy, JaniceCinquainjesus, 05/30/2017
Intimacy Kasperyan, LeileahCinquainpoetry, truth, words, writing, 05/30/2017
Silver Betrayal Callus, PaulCinquainbetrayal, 05/30/2017
The Shy One Chansarkar, SaraCinquainnature, 05/30/2017
Destructive Despair Loo, LauraCinquaindeath, sister, suicide, 05/30/2017
DECEPTION ALLISON, JANCinquainbetrayal, corruption, for her, irony, 05/30/2017
Journey Kannan, SuprajaCinquainbeautiful, 05/30/2017
Yin and Yang Sergi, RalphCinquainwisdom, 05/29/2017
Peace Gupta, ProbirCinquaingoodbye, image, peace, 05/28/2017
The Sandman groen, meruCinquaindream, 05/28/2017
Lirazel's ear Beam, JohnCinquainallusion, beauty, childhood, death, dream, fairy, fantasy, 05/27/2017

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